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Dhakasms.com is a free sms portal for Bangladeshis and all over the world's people. You can share from here sms like - Lovely sms, friendship sms, baishaki sms, miss you sms, eid mubarak sms, wishing sms, aniversary sms, marriage sms, romantic sms and many more.
He came at night,
explored my body,
got on top of me,
touched me,
he bit, sucked, swalowd,
when he was satisfied,
he left,
i was hurt,
Added on October 2013 | Category Adult sms | Posted by mamun
Bondhu amay bujbe ke?SEND
Dub Diyeci Govir Jole.
"Zinuk Mukta Pabo Bole"

Ural Deyeci Oi Akase.
"Chader Songi Hobo Bole"

Bondhu Vebeci tomay Ami.
"Moner Kosto Bujbe Bole"

Bujbe ki?
Added on August 2013 | Category Friendship sms | Posted by Muktadir
Chocco kore angul ta vitore dhuke gelo ber korar pore dui angul ek korar pore dekhi iss ki pichla oww ki dur gondho ki janen pocha dim vanga. . .hmm.
Added on July 2013 | Category Funny sms | Posted by Anika
Ek party te ek mohilar khov hishu peyeche. Ek lok ke uddesho kore mohila ti bollo."excuse me, hishu korar jaiga ta ektu dekhaben"? Ans e lok ti bollo,"ja dusto age tumi dekhao".
Added on June 2013 | Category Adult sms | Posted by Uddin
Ami bristi k boliSEND
Ami bristi k boli tomay sporso korte

Ami chad k boli tomay alokito korte

Ami rat k boli tomay sopno dite

Ami somoy k boli tomay valobasay voriya dite
Added on June 2013 | Category Love sms | Posted by Muktadir
1. Tume tumar chul gunte parbana.

2. Tume akaser tara gunte parbana.

3. Tumar future a ki hoba janona .......................

4. Tumi jiba ber kore nissash nita parbana.

5. A ber 4 number ta chasta korso.

6.Tumaka kukurer moto lagsa. tai 5 number ta jante par lana.
Added on June 2013 | Category Fool sms | Posted by Muktadir
There is no god but Allah
Muhammed (sm) is the messanger of Allah...
Added on June 2013 | Category Other SMS | Posted by Shagor1200
Tumi amak valo na basleSEND
Tumi amak valo na basle o ami tomak onek valobasi. ami tomak koto valobasi ALLAH r ami jani. tumi o to jano. I LOVE YOU JAN. ami tomak konodin vulbona...NURUZZAMAN
Added on May 2013 | Category Good luck sms | Posted by Nuruzzaman
Khub mone porseSEND
Khub mone porse tomak tani.
Ki colour bolla na to
Added on May 2013 | Category Sad sms | Posted by Tani
Eto sohojei vule gele amaySEND
Eto sohojei vule gele amay? Hariye gele 1nimese dur ojanay.. "mone ki porena amay? But ajo miss kori tumay..
Added on April 2013 | Category Friendship sms | Posted by sujit
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Sobaike Eid Mubarak
Eid boye anuk sobar zibone shuk, shanti.
Eid mubarak!
10 tk dan, cha khabo
Fokir: Abba 10 tk dan, cha khabo.
Man: Cha tu 5 tk.
Fokir: Girl frnd niye khabo.
Man: Fokir hoye girl frnd banaico?
Fokir: Na girl frnd amake fokir banaice.
Flower say do not tarst me
Flower say do not tarst me.
Time say do not weast me.
Sms say do not delete me.
But i say do not forget me.
Every nice friend is a glimpse of god
Every nice friend is a glimpse of god,
As he is one of his blessings &
Is a priceless gift that can never be bought,
sold or forgotten, just like you.
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